‘Young Sheldon’ Season 7 Episodes Extended Than Previously Reported

'Young Sheldon' Season 7 Episodes Extended Than Previously Reported

Fans are excited to know that their favorite sitcom “Young Sheldon” season 7 will have additional episodes. The delay in production is caused due to the dual Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAF-AFTRA strikes. Thus the show’s production has been pushed further.

However fans are not content with the delay as they are getting restless. They want to know what happens after the last episode of “Young Sheldon” season 6. As per some sources, originally season 7 was supposed to have 10–13 episodes. 

This count was lower than the usual 22 episodes per season. Recently, new reports claim that the popular sitcom will get 14-15 episodes. For now it’s not clear about the filming schedule but the production should start after Thanksgiving.

Why Additional Episodes For “Young Sheldon” Season 7?

It’s pretty clear that there are some changes in store for the storyline of “Young Sheldon”. Considering where the show is at now it might wrap up after season 7 following Sheldon as he moves from Medford, Texas to Pasadena, California. 

That’s where he’ll stay until The Big Bang Theory comes to an end. However there are factors to consider beyond the plot of the comedy that influence this decision. 

The show’s popularity has been off the charts with season 6 of “Young Sheldon” breaking all records in terms of ratings. 

This adds another layer of complexity to the situation. CBS might be eager to keep airing it for as long as possible given its success. The writers of “Young Sheldon” are currently deliberating whether season 7 will be the last season. 

“Young Sheldon”: Extending the Show for a Satisfying Conclusion

Unlike The Big Bang Theory, where the series concluded due to Jim Parsons decision to depart, most of the members of “Young Sheldon” express their desire to continue. 

While having episodes may appear advantageous CBS might be extending the shows duration in order to ensure a conclusion. 

There are still questions that need addressing before concluding the show. It would be unfortunate if a hurried finale tarnished its legacy.

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