‘One Piece’ Chapter 1098 spoilers confirms a tragic death

'One Piece' Chapter 1098 spoilers confirms a tragic death

Fans have experienced many emotional backstories of different characters. However, Kuma’s backstory is filled with pain and sorrow, and fans are also in despair. This time we saw Kuma’s sorrowful journey from his parents’ death till the Go Valley incident. 

But something good happens in the Sorbet Kingdom as he and Ginny join the revolutionary army. It was still difficult for Kuma to have faith in his destiny so he always refused to marry Ginny.

Currently the story is revolving around Kuma. There are chances that we know the reason behind him becoming a Pacifista. But there’s one sad news for the fans, as Chapter 1098 confirms a tragic death.

Which character dies in “One Piece” Chapter 1098?

In the chapter of “One Piece”, Chapter 1098 a heartbreaking event occurs as Ginny tragically passes away. It was shocking, for fans when it was revealed that she had been abducted by an adversary. Many supporters speculated that it could have been a ranking Marine officer or even an admiral.

However Chapter 1098 of “One Piece” sheds light on the truth behind Ginny’s situation. It becomes clear that she was forced into a marriage with a Celestial Dragon against her will. Sadly after two years of enduring this life she fell ill and died. 

The heartless Celestial Dragon abandoned her during this time of suffering. However before her demise Ginny managed to have a conversation with Kuma.

Kuma appeared suddenly next to Bonney only to find that she had already passed away. In her arms she held Bonney who was afflicted with the illness. 

Despite having no blood relation Kuma had taken on the role of raising Bonney as his own. This unfortunate turn of events suggests that the lineage of the Buccaneer race may come to an end with Kumas’ demise.

Kuma’s Past Unravels as Bonney’s Secret is Revealed

There have been speculations surrounding Bonney ranging from her being a clone, to being a child. Little did anyone know that she also held the status of being a World Noble. 

Since Kuma had been caring for Bonney ever since she was an infant it remains uncertain whether or not she is aware of her heritage and family background.

It’s clear that she had a bond with Kuma as she went to lengths to rescue him by sneaking into Marie Geoise. 

Furthermore the chapter ends with the king of Sorbet Kingdom paying a surprise visit. This hints at events in Kuma’s past that fans have been waiting for.

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