‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 407 spoilers: AFO’s past and first OFA user revealed

The release date for “My Hero Academia’s” next chapter has arrived with a lot of unprecedented spoilers. Chapter 407 will be released on Sunday, November 19, 2023. We will finally get to know about the AFO’s origin. On top of it we might get to know about the first user of OFO in the latest chapter.

In the previous chapter we saw Bakugo using his quirk’s side effects to enhance his speed. He used it to counter AFO and went for him repeatedly. This made AFO remember the second user of OFA ‘Kudou’ who he thinks is to be blamed for everything. 

“My Hero Academia” chapter 407 spoilers and raw scans

The next chapter is titled “Paranormal Orphan”, starts with a woman succumbing to a mysterious sickness a year ago. This illness led to a growth of an odd tumor like a spike on her left arm. But the woman did not know about this tumor because she was too tired from having two children in her body.

Soon afterwards, the woman delivered her babies at a river bank and died. The ‘tumor’ had however disappeared without any sign or mark. These babies later turned out to be none other than All For One and Yoichi. 

AFO was much bigger and had a hole in his hand, but Yoichi was small and slender. As rats came closer to eat the mother’s body, the stream’s current swept away both children.

A year later, the glowing baby was found in China. Nevertheless, not only newborns had powers; kids who had not attained puberty were also seen to be peculiar. 

The prevailing hypothesis at that time was that human genetics had an extra component. Unfortunately, this mistake was made in releasing the data to the public as it prompted formation of a radical anti-meta abilities group.

All For One’s Greed and Yoichi’s Heroic Dreams

All For One believed from his birth that he could take up anything on earth. He selfishly drains all his mother’s nutrients leaving his twin brother Yoichi weak and malnourished. This can be seen when All For One is depicted in a manga panel biting ferociously into his dead mother.

Later on, a radio announcement praised the “glowing baby’s” bravery while fighting on the frontlines. Meanwhile, Yoichi got buried in comic books which explained authors’ ability to convey powerful emotions through drawings. By and large, he wants to be like Captain Hero someday, one of those great heroes.

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