‘One Piece’ chapter 1098: Major spoilers to expect

As per some sources there will be no break in the next issue of the “One Piece” manga. “One Piece” chapter 1098 is being anticipated as fans are waiting for the answers from the previous issue

With the upcoming “One Piece” chapter, fans have started their speculations on the internet about what will happen in chapter 1098. Some fans speculate that in the previous chapter when a person came to capture Ginny that person would be a Gorosei member.

“One Piece” chapter 1098 spoilers: Saint Jaygarcia Saturn Abducts Ginny

Some fans speculate that in Chapter 1098 Ginny might be kidnapped by a character named Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. When Kuma learns about this he will recognize Saturn as the person he once fought against in God Valley.

In an effort to rescue Ginny, Kuma sets out on a mission, to Saturns location. Emporio Ivankov, who has a relationship with Ginny may decide to join Kuma in this endeavor. However little do they know that Saturn has set up a trap. 

Something unexpected occurs during their encounter which leads to Kuma becoming a Warlord and eventually transforming into a Pacifista. As a result of these events Ivankov ends up being sent to Impel Down prison.

“One Piece” Chapter 1098: Kuma and Ivankov’s Sacrifice

In chapter 1098 of “One Piece” there is a possibility that Kuma and Ivankov might sacrifice themselves to save Ginny’s life. This decision stems from Kumas’ selflessness as the threat posed by Saturn, who will kill Ginny unless they surrender.

The outcome for Ginny remains uncertain. While there are theories circulating none of them are backed by evidence. It is plausible that Ginny may no longer play a role in the story after this chapter concludes, either due to her demise or capture.

Chapter 1098 of “One Piece” is expected to shed light on Kumas actions. This includes his return to Mariejois, what he asked Dr. Vegapunk not to disclose to Bonney and the memories that made Bonney cry. The forthcoming flashback promises excitement and may carry over into the chapter.

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