‘One Piece’ Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Kuma to reject Ginny’s proposal? 

'One Piece' Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Kuma to reject Ginny's proposal?

In the previous chapter we saw Ginny and Kuma’s escape and the next chapter will continue with their story containing major plot developments. The “One Piece” chapter 1097 spoilers are already out and creating a lot of buzz among the fans.

“One Piece” Chapter 1097: Release date and where to read

The “One Piece” Chapter 1097 has got its final release date which is November 5, 2023. You can read the latest chapter of “One Piece” on Viz Media and Manga Plus. 

Spoilers of Chapter 1097

Some internet users have come across some leaked information, about the chapter revealing that it will be titled “Ginny,” as shared on Reddit. 

It has been eight years since the God Valley Incident, during which Kuma, who is now a 17 year pastor, used his healing power known as the “Miracle Hand” to alleviate the suffering of an older individuals, in the Sorbet Kingdom. 

While Ginny’s kindness is greatly admired by many, there are still some who find King Bekori’s indifference disturbing. Every week Kuma will take on the burden of their pain and hold it within a paw shaped bubble. 

Five years later when Ginny proposes Kuma will decline due to the lingering sadness from his parents’ past. During their conversation Kuma will express his aspiration to be a lifesaver at sea. 

They will discuss about the Dragon’s Revolutionary Army. Meanwhile two of Ginny’s admirers will discreetly bring fish as a gesture without revealing their feelings.

Later Kuma will have a confrontation with the king regarding his actions ultimately resulting in his imprisonment. Fortunately they will be liberated by the Freedom Army led by Dragon and Ivankov leading them to join the ranks of the Revolutionary Army.

Ginny then decides to join the cause while Dragon will seek assistance in overthrowing regimes. Kuma, being dedicated to justice, will stand by Dragon’s side. Ginny is later chosen as the leader of the Eastern Army. 

But unfortunately a concerning report regarding Ginny’s abduction by an enemy reaches the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army.

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