‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 406 spoilers: Bakugo to get another quirk

In the previous chapter of “My Hero Academia” manga we saw the battle between Bakugo and All for One. “My Hero Academia” chapter 406 will be released on November 13 at 12 am JST, as Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 50. We already have major spoilers for the next chapter.

From the previous chapter we know that All Might is saved and thus his fate has also changed as per Nighteye’s visage. We see Edgeshot patching up Bakugo and All Might giving him his gauntlet to support the boy’s broken arm. 

“My Hero Academia” chapter 406 spoilers: The state of all battlefields

Chapter 406 of “My Hero Academia” goes by the name “Embrace Your Unique Quirk.” The chapter kicks off with an overview of the skirmishes taking place in various locations.

The battles at the hospital and Okuto Island have concluded. Hound Dog and the students, from Ketsubutsu Academy successfully apprehended Skeptic ensuring the safety of the civilians who were promptly relocated. 

Aoyama and Hagakure are currently engaged in a rescue operation. They have to free the heroes entangled in Kuneidas plant based trap at the parking lot.

The ongoing battle against Gashly at Takoba Arena has exposed the whereabouts of Aizawa and Present Mic. They have been taken down Kurogiri. 

Deku’s Struggle to Counter Shigaraki’s Powers

In chapter 406 of “My Hero Academia” we quickly see Lady Nagant still lying on the rooftop and reflecting on Rock Lock’s statement about Izuku Midoriya being their hope.

She calls out to Deku as the chapter transitions, to All Might, who appears to be impressed by Bakugos speed. Edgeshot explains that Bakugo had achieved a level of speed before his demise, which even surprised Shigaraki.

He seems to be figuring out ways to make it even faster. Even though he’s angry and surrounded by debris, All for One is more focused on getting to Shigaraki than killing Bakugo. Shigaraki thinks he can easily break Bakugo again.

As Deku continues fighting against Shigaraki he realizes his weakness. He hasn’t been able to come up with a way to counter his opponents Decay, body modification and regeneration.

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