‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 406: Spoilers, release date and where to read

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 406 is an ideal final fight between the heroes and villains. We all wanted Bakugo to have a power up and face AFO. Well it seems our hopes are carried on by Chapter 406. 

Bakugo and Deku will team up to destroy Shigaraki with a combination of wild attacks. While on the other hand the remaining heroes will help civilians to escape and protect them from attacks.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 406: Release date and where to read

My Hero Academia” Chapter 406 will be released on November 13, 2023 but the spoilers have already been surfacing on the internet. And if you want to catch up with the manga then you can visit the official website of Viz Media or MangaPlus.

‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 406: Spoilers 

The next chapter will be titled ‘Discovering Your Unique Ability.’ When the chapter begins readers will witness the aftermath of the battle. 

Gashlys fury will unfold in the Takoba arena while Toru and Aoyama continue to assist the civilians. On the other hand we still don’t know where EraserHead, Present Mic and Kurogiri are located.

From Nagants appearance it can be deduced that he still relies on Deku to execute the plan. The upcoming chapter will then take us back to the present, where Bakugo and All Might will find themselves at the heart of all the action. 

Bakugo will encounter another hurdle in the form of Tomura Shigaraki. This moment will be crucial for Deku as he contemplates whether or not to lend a hand to Bakugo during this juncture.

This is where he will make the choice to unleash the user’s ability shouting out a resounding “go beyond!” However there will be someone, with a quirk nullifying power to counter the attack. The chapter will conclude with an ending leaving the outcome of the attacks unknown, at this moment.

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