Watch: ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ live-action trailer launched: Spirit Gun and more

Watch: 'Yu Yu Hakusho' live-action trailer launched: Spirit Gun and more

It is unbelievable that “Yu Yu Hakusho” anime is getting a live-action show. Fans are super excited to relive Yusuke’s Spirit Gun. 

The two minutes short trailer that was recently launched showed some of the characters like- Genkai, the Toguro brothers, Karasu and Bui. This live-action project will air on December 14, 2023. We will see Takumi Kitamura as Yusuke Urameshi.

The trailer was launched in Japanese as the production is carried by TOHO Studio. Thus, this show will be originally released in Japanese and will later get English dub. 

Netflix’s trailer for the upcoming “Yu Yu Hakusho” live-action series

This live-action project will be released on Netflix as it was uploaded on their official YouTube channel.  Fans are happy about the return of one of the legendary shonen manga series. It was written by Yoshihiro Togashi and the anime was produced by Studio Pierrot in the 90’s.

The two minute trailer for the series covers a range of events starting with Yusuke Urameshi’s death at the beginning. It also shows glimpses of Hieis battle, Kurama’s introduction and some scenes featuring Kazuma Kuwabara.

“Yu Yu Hakusho” Storyline

One of the highlights in the trailer is the presence of Toguro, who is widely recognized as the antagonist in the series. Yusuke Urameshi, a teenager comes from a family where his mother lacks affection and his father is absent. 

He often finds himself in trouble and engages in fights frequently which makes him feel neglected by others. However everything changes when he tragically dies in a car accident while saving a child.

After finding himself in the Spirit World Yusuke is chosen by Koenma, the ruler of that realm, to become a Spirit Detective. His mission is to protect against dangers and in return he will be granted his recovery.

Yusuke seizes the opportunity of having a lease on life and endeavors to make a difference in the world. He comes across individuals like Hiei, Kurama, Toguro and numerous others, along his journey.

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