Watch: Gungun Gupta Leaked MMS Video Clip Uploaded on Twitter – Netizens outraged

Watch: Gungun Gupta Leaked MMS Video Clip uploaded on Twitter

Gungun Gupta, a popular Indian social media star, has been caught in a controversy after a video of her allegedly kissing another man went viral.

You can watch the whole video on Twitter here.

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The video, which was reportedly leaked by an anonymous source, has sparked outrage among her fans and followers. Gungun Gupta, who has over 5.8 million followers on Instagram and YouTube, is known for her lifestyle and beauty content.

Gungun Gupta Leaked video

Gungun Gupta Leaked video

However, the leaked video has shattered that image and exposed her alleged affair with another man. The video shows Gungun Gupta and the man in a video call.

The video call quickly turns explicit, with the woman pointing the phone down her body, showing that her pants have been lowered. She then performs a sex act for the male caller. Meanwhile, the man makes sexual demands, and she obliges, pulling down her top and flaunting her breasts for him.

It is still not clear if the video is real or fake, but it is very explicit, and the girl in the video resembles Gungun a bit.

Gungun Gupta has not responded to the scandal yet, but the latest update is awaited.

MMS Scandal

The scandal has also affected her career, as many brands have dropped their collaborations with her. Many of her fans have also unfollowed her and expressed their disappointment and anger in the comments section of her posts.

Gungun Gupta Leaked video mms

Some have even called her names and threatened her with violence. Gungun Gupta’s scandal is one of the many examples of how social media influencers can face backlash and criticism for their personal lives. .

Gungun Gupta Leaked MMS