SpaceX launches two satellites with one Falcon 9 rocket

US Rocket Company SpaceX has successfully performed its dual satellite mission on Sunday, March 1, 2015. This is SpaceX’s third Falcon 9 rocket launch this year, and this time, the rocket carried two communication satellites, one for Eutelsat and one for the Asia Broadcast Satellite operator.

The Falcon 9 was launched at 10:50 PM EST, from Space Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40.

Both these spacecrafts will use electronic engines to reach their final orbital positions, 36,000 kilometers above the equator.

Spacex launches two satellites


This type of propulsion will accelerate Xenon ions to provide thrust, and this is considered as a new trend in spacecraft design.

The satellites are constructed by Boeing Satellite Systems, and these new satellites will now replace their older counterparts that have exceeded their lifespans.

The rockets will release the satellites in a synchronous orbit, and this will help to minimize the amount of fuel being used. In order to attain a higher orbit, Falcon 9 is not carrying any kind of reusable components which include first stage landing legs.

SpaceX launches world’s first all-electric satellites on Falcon 9 rocket:

As per reports, it will take more than eight months for the satellites to reach their affirmed geostationary orbit positions. These satellites will be tested for several weeks before they replace their predecessors.

Recently, SpaceX was seen trying to recover the lower segment of the vehicle, with the intention of reusing it. Even though, both their attempts failed miserably, the company strongly believes that they are closing the success zone.

This experiment will involve the first stage guiding back to the earth to attempt a soft landing in a floating Atlantic platform.