A Guide to CenturyLink Internet

A Guide to CenturyLink Internet

With coverage across 36 states, CenturyLink is one of the nation’s oldest and most renowned internet service providers (ISP). CenturyLink is best recognized as one of the best ISP options in rural areas, but it also offers internet deals in a few major cities.

CenturyLink provides DSL and fiber connections. However, its fiber-optic internet is available in selected states only at the moment. Depending on where you are, different plans may be available and priced differently. This is a perfect guide if you are considering CenturyLink internet deals for your home internet.

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CenturyLink Internet Plans and Prices

CenturyLink has three major plan options. The CenturyLink Internet plan will be the only option for the vast majority of subscribers. Those who live in particular cities across the United States, however, can join up for the significantly quicker Fiber Gigabit plan.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

Best for: Those seeking affordable DSL service

The DSL plan from CenturyLink is $50 for all download speeds up to 100 Mbps. No contracts are required, and CenturyLink guarantees no data overages. To take advantage of the offer, you must accept a paperless bill or prepay. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are also applicable.

Fiber Internet with Unlimited Data

Best for: Those seeking an even faster internet connection

With CenturyLink’s Fiber Internet with Unlimited Data, you can connect numerous devices to in-home Wi-Fi and enjoy download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. Plans are $30 per month. It’s vital to keep in mind that this service is currently only offered in a selected number of cities, however, CenturyLink is gradually expanding its services.

Fastest CenturyLink Internet speed: Fiber Gigabit Internet Plan

The Fiber Gigabit plan from CenturyLink is the fastest. It far exceeds the company’s DSL plan, offering download and upload rates of up to 940 Mbps. With this plan, you can practically do anything with numerous devices, including high-definition streaming, multiplayer gaming, and video conferencing.

CenturyLink withholds information on upload speeds and the DSL plan only guarantees download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Even with fewer devices, it’s still more than enough for the average household, though you might experience some buffering and slower connection times.

CenturyLink Bundles and Extras

There are two internet and home phone bundles available from CenturyLink. One offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps for as little as $90 per month. The other is priced as low as $110 per month and offers speeds of up to 940 Mbps with fiber internet.

Secure Wi-Fi, which is built into newer modems, protects you from viruses, malware, and other risks. You may also utilize parental content controls, create groups, pause specific devices or groups, and manage the devices on your network via secure Wi-Fi.

How Can I Get CenturyLink’s Internet Service?

Here’s what you need to access CenturyLink Internet service:

  • The appropriate tools: You must have a CenturyLink modem or a modem on the company’s approved list in order to use DSL service. There is typically no need for additional equipment because it uses your existing phone lines.
  • Additional fiber setup: To obtain fiber internet, you will also need an Optical Terminal Network installed inside or outside of your home in addition to a modem/router. For the installation, a technician will probably need to travel to the location.

Does CenturyLink Offer Coverage in Rural Areas?

You probably already know how difficult it can be to acquire a dependable broadband internet connection if you reside in a remote region. With DSL as its main service, CenturyLink is renowned as one of the top ISPs in rural areas.

However, just because CenturyLink boasts above-average rural coverage does not necessarily mean that it is available everywhere. CenturyLink has a greater rural presence than other ISPs, even though there are definitely more rural areas without it than there are with it.

Why Should You Choose CenturyLink

When it comes to the various choices you must make when moving, selecting an internet provider may be both one of the hardest and one of the easiest.

Simple because you typically only have a small number of providers to choose from. Difficult because the internet has become such a crucial part of our daily lives that we want to be sure you have the finest service available.

With CenturyLink, signing up is a breeze. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes and is entirely online. There are always plenty of installation appointments available. There is no additional cost for the skilled installation that is performed. 


Of course, you should be aware that quoted top speeds frequently represent speeds under ideal circumstances that are infrequently encountered in reality.

You shouldn’t anticipate their internet connection to actually reach 1 Gbps. Normally, you should see rates of 300 to 400 Mbps. You consume significantly more bandwidth than the average user, yet 300 to 400 Mbps should still be more than sufficient.


Is CenturyLink flawless? No. In a few instances, albeit only for a short period, their service has been unavailable. With CenturyLink, the longest outage—which really isn’t that long—might occur during a severe storm. It’s hard to hold them responsible for that. It should go without saying that CenturyLink is far more dependable than its competitors.

All in All

Yes, we wholeheartedly endorse CenturyLink. The connection is very dependable, you will get better speeds for less money than other options, and you are unlikely to run into any problems requiring you to contact customer care. We don’t believe there is anything more you could possibly want from an internet service provider.

Yes, CenturyLink could improve its efforts to approach gigabit speeds, and there may be better ISPs out there. Even yet, we don’t really view this as a major problem given that you don’t actually need 1Gbps internet and that the speeds you do receive with their plan are more than sufficient for several purposes.

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