Airtel hikes charges for Internet based data services

Usage of Internet facilities on smartphones across the world has increased to an extreme level.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger and others are all increasing the rate of Internet and data packs and also the purchase of Android mobile phones is at an all time high.

People are now chatting with each others on Skype, Viber by voice calling or video calling. Mobile operators included all these facilities in the data packs that were valid for 15 days or one month.

Airtel Skype

But now the Airtel network has decided to charge extra for data packages if you want to chat on Viber or Skype. Airtel customers now have to pay more for the data packs if they make voice calls over the internet with the help of Viber, Skype or other apps.

The VoIP that is the Voice over Internet Protocol data tariff will be separate and will not be included in the Internet packs.

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According to Airtel website, all the data packs which were available for the customers will now only be used while texting or only Internet browsing and no voice or video calls will be done.

This is the first time in India where VoIP data is being charged separately.

An independent pack will be launched shortly where user can enjoy voice services..Tariffs will be also charged on Whatsapp, Line and Skype.

The decision might result in reduction of customers and revenue loss. As the other operators have not done so, therefore Airtel users might look to switch to another network.


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