How to Play Andar Bahar Game at an Online Casino

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Andar Bahar is a traditional card game in India, which has been played since ancient times. The good thing is that it’s now available in casinos too, so people have got the opportunity to get rich playing their favorite game.

Andar Bahar is a traditional card game in India, which has been played since ancient times. The good thing is that it’s now available in casinos too. In particular, you can find this and other card games on, so people have got the opportunity to get rich playing their favorite game.

The Andar Bahar game gained even more popularity with the development of live casinos. This is one of the most popular card games in India, which does not require any special conditions, it is possible to play this game anywhere. All it takes is one classic deck of 52 cards.

How to play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is a very simple game that everyone likes and likes to play with family or friends over a drink. Online Andar Bahar, you can play alone or with other players. The game starts when the dealer, from the shuffled deck of cards, draws one single card, which is known as a joker, trump, house…

The next step – players must decide on which side of the deck to put money: Andar (left) or Bahar (right) side. Andar in Hindi means inside, which is actually the side on which the first card is drawn, and Bahar means outside, which is the side on which the second card is drawn. The odds in this game are 50:50!

A shuffled deck of cards the dealer must cut, so that all players are sure which card is the ’’joker’’. After that, the dealer places a card on the table and then signals to the players that they can bet money on a certain side of the deck, Andar or Bahar. Once, when the players are done with their bets, then the dealer starts drawing cards.

If the ’’joker’’ is black (clubs and spades), then it starts with the Andar side, and if the ’’joker’’ is red (diamonds and hearts), the dealer draws the first card on a Bahar side.

You can increase your bets during the game, but you can also bet on other options: which deck will have more cards (Andar or Bahar), which color will be drawn more times, which deck of cards will have the higher sum… When a card matching the ’’joker’’ is drawn into one of the two decks, then the game ends.

Where to play live Andar Bahar?

When you decide to play Andar Bahar, it is normal to wonder which are the best Andar Bahar real money sites, where you will not be cheated and where your winnings will be paid out for sure. Due to the huge popularity of this game in India, the choice of playing sites is really large.

To help you to choose a site that’s verified and safe, we’ll list a few top–ranked sites. As this game becomes more and more popular, a large number of casinos have introduced the option to play live, with real dealers. Most casinos have now prepared generous bonuses for their players, to make their enjoyment as good as possible.


BIGBAAZI is one of the top – ranked online sites, where generous welcome bonuses await for you on your first registration. Due to the increasing popularity of the Andar Bahar game, there is also the option of playing in a live casino. You can make payments to your account via most hybrid payment options.


PariMatch has existed for more than 25 years, which of course characterizes it as a fair and safe place to bet. PariMatch is also fully licensed and regulated. On their site, you can also gamble in the live casino, where you can also play Andar Bahar. Bonuses of up to 150% await for you during your first registration.


Fun88 is another casino with a very long tradition that provides thrust to its users. When you register for the first time, you will receive a bonus of 300%. In their live casino you can play Andar Bahar, but also many other games. You can download their app on your Android or IOS. Fun88 provides an excellent choice of options when you want to deposit money.


Betway is another highly rated casino, where you can be sure that you will not be scammed. Generous welcome bonuses await for you. The Betway live casino experience is truly special, so it’s no wonder that Betway is the choice of many users. In addition to numerous games, you can also play Andar Bahar in their live casino. They accept many payment methods.  

        Jackpot Guru

Another casino with a long tradition, which has gained the trust of its users. Live gambling options have further influenced the popularity of this casino, making it one of the most popular in India. Great bonuses await you, and payouts are very fast. They accept many payment methods.

The above sites are only some of the best Andar Bahar real money sites in India. There are many more verified sites where you can gamble.

Naturally, before you decide to play Andar Bahar in one of the live casinos, you should ask yourself if it is legal. The answer is yes, it is completely legal, by playing Andar Bahar you will not break any law or end up in jail.

If you are still not sure how this game works, it would be best if, before you decide on one of the platforms on which you will play, you should first try one of the Andar Bahar simulators, where you will be able to play the game for free, just as if you were in casino, only you will not invest your money, but fictitious money in the game. After playing a few rounds in the simulator, all the rules will be completely clear to you, and then you can safely move on, to the real thing, and earn real money. 


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