Will ‘He-Man’ Get A Live-action? Amazon MGM May Pick Up Canceled Netflix Project

Amazon MGM May Pick Up Canceled Netflix Project

After getting canceled by Netflix, the proposal of a live-action movie of He-Man was sent to Amazon. While the Amazon MGM studios want the New brothers to bring “Masters of the Universe” to life. 

However as per some sources these talks may be insubstantial. The studio will have to draft new deals for the New brothers. While it is confirmed that Kyle Allen will take up the lead role when the production of the movie starts. 

“Masters of the Universe” Movie: From Warner Bros. to Netflix to Theaters?

The live-action movie “Masters of the Universe” could be seen in theaters. The project is now given to Netflix.

Sony and Warner Bros have been involved in this project, which is now owned by Netflix. Mattel refused to reveal what it thinks about the future of the film, as did Amazon MGM Studios.

The first release of The “Masters of the Universe” toy line happened in 1982. The animated He-Man and the “Masters of the Universe” series ran from 1983 until 1985.

Since then, many spin-offs, reboots, and revivals have taken place. The live-action film adaptation of “Masters of the Universe” with Dolph Lundgren as He-Man was released in 1987 and remains the only one up to date.

Why did Netflix cancel “Masters of the Universe”?

For many years, the live-action “Masters of the Universe” movie has been in production. Noah Centino was set to play He-Man at first, but he backed down after Sony gave up its rights on the project and it moved to Netflix.

Additionally, Netflix currently owns the Master of the Universe animated series. Consequently, they were considered most suitable for making this movie too. But Netflix changed their minds about that too.

Netflix called off the “Masters of the Universe” movie due to its high cost. They had spent $30 million on development and projected that it would cost $200 million to produce. The filmmakers tried to bring down the budget to $180 million, but Netflix still declined.

Despite its He-Man content being synonymous with Netflix, Amazon could still make it happen. Currently they are producing a live-action She-Ra series for Prime Video streaming service.

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