Elon Musk says 28,700 bottles, $2 million worth of ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume sold on first day

Elon Musk says 28,700 bottles, $2 million worth of ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume sold on first day

Elon Musk seemingly has a snout for business.

The world’s richest man wants his fans to smell the sweet scent of success with his latest venture, which he refers to as “the finest fragrance on Earth!”

Musk announced Wednesday that his branded fragrance, Burnt Hair, has amassed $2 million in sales after its first day of release to the public.

“Stand out in a crowd! Get noticed as you walk through the airport” is one of the marketing slogans for the product, described as smelling like “repugnant desire.”

The Billionaire business disruptor behind Tesla and SpaceX said that within six hours, 10,000 bottles of his branded fragrance were sold at $100 a bottle.

Musk, who also changed his Twitter handle to “perfume salesman,” boasted that another 10,000 bottles of “Burnt Hair” were sold, reaching a total of 20,000.

The red bottled “omnigender product” is also described as “just like leaning over a candle at the dinner table, but without all the hard work” in a video on the website for his infrastructure services company, The Boring Company. It isn’t expected to ship until next year.

Many of his 108,7 million Twitter followers are having fun with the play on Musk’s name, or even the idea that he’s entering the market with a slew of comical memes and GIFS.

“With a name like mine, getting into the fragrance business was inevitable — why did I even fight it for so long!?” he tweeted. “Please buy my perfume, so I can buy Twitter.”

Musk has been going back and forth about the $44 billion purchase of the influential social platform, which he recently decided to move forward with.


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