‘Blue Lock’: Latest manga spoilers confirm Rin and Isagi are better than Nagi

In “Blue Lock” anime characters who show selfishness like Rin Itoshi and Isagi are ones who make improvements. Rin Itoshi, Isagi and Negi are talented players but still Rin and Isagi are more skilled than Negi. This fact is established by the upcoming chapter 240 of the manga.

Both Itoshi and Isagi are exceptional players and have shown their skill multiple times. They have the ability to adapt in any circumstances during their matches. While this is something that Negi lacks in particular.

Why Isagi and Rin are doing far better than Nagi ?

Isagi and Rin currently hold the top positions in the “Blue Lock” leaderboard. but still they are often compared to Nagi. The reason behind this comparison lies in their skills although Isagi and Rin have shown remarkable progress compared to Nagi. Whereas Nagi is a strategist who likes to play according to his strategy.

Muneyuki Kaneshiro, the author, has placed more emphasis on showcasing Isagi and Rin’s growth rather than Nagi’s. However within the context of the story an intriguing explanation arises; Isagi and Rin display adaptability, in situations when compared to Nagi.

“Blue Lock”: What is right about this series?

What makes this series intriguing is how it consistently pushes the players to prioritize their progress even though self improvement inherently involves receiving criticism.

Ego seems to have grasped this concept, which’s why characters like Rin and Isagi continue to evolve while others like Nagi feel stuck in their development.

Adapting to situations as they have done plays a role in self improvement and survival within the “Blue Lock” project.

Isagi has repeatedly recognized the need to adjust his approach to overcome challenges in the game making him more adaptable compared to someone like Barou.

Rin has also come to understand this aspect despite maintaining his trademark arrogance. On the other hand Nagi has struggled to display versatility as a player resulting in a hindrance to his growth.

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