‘Ragna Crimson’ episode 7: Release date and time and spoilers 

'Ragna Crimson' episode 7: Release date and time and spoilers 

One of the best running anime series, “Ragna Crimson”, has gained popularity in recent months. This anime series is a manga adaptation written by Daiki Kobayashi in 2017.

The story is about our protagonist named Ragna whose sole motive is to annihilate all the dragons from his world. On his adventure he is helped by his companion Crimson.

Till now all the episodes have been wonderful and the animation is top notch. The next episode of “Ragna Crimson” anime is set to be released on November 11, 2023. Fans are awaiting the thrilling adventures, battles with powerful dragons and storyline.

“Ragna Crimson” episode 7: Release date and time

“Ragna Crimson” episode 7 will air on Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 1:00 am JST.  Here are time as per zones for other regions:

9:30 PMIndian Standard Time (IST)
11:00 AMCentral Time (CT)
9:00 AMPacific Time (PT)
12:00 PMEastern Time (ET)
4:00 PMGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)
6:00 PMCentral Europe (CET)

“Ragna Crimson” Episode 6 Preview

In episode 6 Ragna and Ultimatia engage in a conversation. Despite his reluctance to harm her, Ragna discovers that she is assisting a boy in his quest to reunite with his family.

After a weakness, in Ultimatia’s powers is uncovered. Determined to use this opportunity Crimson and their allies devise a plan. 

Reflecting on Ultimatia’s kindness Ragna asks Slime to coordinate with Crimson and devise a strategy to encounter Ultimatia again within the city aiming to confirm her true nature.

Ragna comes across Ultimatia, in the town and engages in a conversation with Nebulim. To Ragna’s dismay Ultimatia expresses a desire to cause harm to a boy, his family and other innocent residents of the town. This deeply motivates Ragna to confront both dragons.

After defeating Nebulim Ragna bravely takes on the challenge of battling Ultimatia. Drawing upon knowledge from their self Ragna skillfully overcomes Ultimatia’s power. The episode concludes with Ragna making plans to bring an end to Ultimatia’s reign of terror.

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