Video: 5 dead, 40 injured after SUV slams through Wisconsin Holiday Parade

Video: 5 dead, 40 injured when SUV slams through Wisconsin parade

The Christmas parade on November 21.202 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, was interrupted by an uncontrollable red SUV at 4:39 PM, which headed straight into the parade killing five and fatally injuring more than 20 people, reports NBCNews.

The terrifying car incident was captured by many from their mobile devices away from the main street. The reports of deaths were not confirmed by the authorities immediately. The motive of this attempt is still unknown, probing for more updates on the accident.

Statement of Police Authorities

After the incident harnessed a lot of concern and the injured were carried to the hospital, the horrific event needed an explanation from the concerned authorities.

Waukesha police Chief Dan Thompson said Sunday that a person of interest has been identified and taken into custody and that police had recovered the vehicle believed to be used in the accident.
Mayor Shawn Reilly could not provide any details regarding the matter but called to confer the event in a press conference.

The police Chief Dan Thompson gave a brief on the incident and reported the numbers of those injured. He spoke of a person of interest responsible for this tragedy but says the investigation isn’t yet completed.

Video: 5 dead, 40 injured when SUV slams through Wisconsin parade

Videos capturing the incident

The first video that showcased the Red SUV is a video of it throwing off the barricades and then going rampant on the road, hitting several girls in the parade.
The first video also captures the sound of gunshots that aren’t confirmed to have stuck the suspect or not.
The many onlookers had recorded the tragedy, and it may help the police in their investigation process.

Condolence on the tragedy

Governor Tony Evers’ showed his condolence to the injured and their families on the tragedy through Twitter. He thanked the people for their quick thinking and helping the wounded on the spot.

‘Tammy Baldwin’ also expressed concern for the affected and asked the folks to remember them in their prayers.

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