‘Lois Griffin dead at 43’ trends on TikTok and Twitter as Alex Borstein is not dead!

Lois Griffin dead

The ‘Lois Griffin is dead at 43’ joke was popularized on TikTok and Twitter.

‘Lois Griffin dead at 43’ jokes explained.

If you have been on Twitter since yesterday, you must have seen tweets saying, ‘Lois Griffin is dead at 43’.

Even on TikTok, a few users posted clips of themselves pranking their family members by saying that the Family Guy character has passed away.

For the unversed, Lois is one of the main characters on the hit Fox sitcom Family Guy. Voiced by actress/comedian Alex Borstein, Lois is Peter Griffin’s wife on the show. She’s also the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin.

In their pranks, TikTokers are saying that Lois Griffin is dead at 43 to their family and recording their reactions. When TikTok user arabellaalexis0 said that to her family, they had no clue who Lois was. “I just watched her on TV last week,” the TikToker doubles down while pulling the prank.

Clueless family members began Googling who Lois was, only to ask – “the character confusedly?”

Another TikToker, scoopsahoy666, tried to pull this prank on his family member, but they reacted to his fart by saying ‘smells terrible’ instead of falling for it.

Voice actor Alex Borstein is alive and well in 2022

The tweets and TikToks also caused some confused internet users to search if something had happened to Alex Bornstein – the voice behind Lois’ character.

For those wondering about her well-being after the viral prank, let us clarify that Alex is alive and thriving in 2022.

She is highly active on Instagram. Her latest video on the platform is from Christmas Day, December 25, where she tells her fans about her holiday cameos.


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