India Launches Helpline to Aid Nationals Affected by Israel-Hamas Conflict

• India Launches Helpline to Aid Nationals Affected by Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Israel army said the death toll in Israel rose to 1,200, and more than 2,700 people were injured in the violence that lasted for hours after Hamas breached the border fence around Gaza.

Israel has established a situation management unit in Israel and provides information and assistance 24 hours a day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday.

The violent conflict between Israel and Hamas has entered its fifth day. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published the following telephone numbers for information about the war in the Middle East.

+91-11 23012113




The ministry shared the following email address as well: Indian embassy in Tel Aviv has set up a 24-hour emergency helpline, which can be accessed through the following contact details:+972-35226748


Email address: the other hand, the Representative Office of India in Ramallah has also set up a 24-hour emergency helpline, which can be accessed as per contact details given below:+970-592916418 (also whatsapp)

Email address: war enters fifth-day Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition set up a war-time cabinet to oversee Tel Aviv’s fight against Hamas following the devastating attack on Saturday.

The Israeli forces bombarded entire neighborhoods in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip as it ran out of power, AP reported.

The government is under intense public pressure to topple Hamas following the terror group’s coordinated attacks in Israel on Saturday. The Hamas terrorists stormed Israeli homes and streets.

They gunned down hundreds of citizens at an outdoor music festival. The Israeli airstrikes in Gaza smashed entire city blocks to rubble in the tiny coastal enclave and left unknown numbers of bodies beneath mounds of debris.

Hamas are said to be holding an estimated 150 people snatched from Israel, which include soldiers, men, women, children, and older adults. They continued to fire rockets at Israel on Wednesday, including a heavy barrage at the southern town of Ashkelon.

Israel has already stopped entry of food, water, fuel and medicine into Gaza — a 40-kilometer-long (25-mile) strip of land wedged among Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea home to 2.3 million Palestinians.

The sole remaining access from Egypt was shut down Tuesday after airstrikes hit near the border crossing.

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