‘One Piece’ Chapter 1099 Spoilers: Release date and much more

In the “One Piece” chapter 1098 we saw the most emotional and melancholy backstory. The sorrowful life that Kuma lived and we got some answers about a few characters. We got to know the real age of Bonney and who her parents were. In the end Ginny succumbs to a mysterious disease.

Even though Bonney is not Kuma’s daughter, he still raises her with all the love and happiness. However Bonney will face the same end like her mother, but she dreams of traveling the whole world.

We see Kuma being heartbroken about Bonney’s condition. He still tells her that she will recover when she turns 10 but doctors have said that she widie soon. The “One Piece” chapter 1099 will shed light on more hidden secrets of the past.

“One Piece” Chapter 1099 release date and time

This week there will be a break so we can anticipate that the next chapter will be released on November 26 at 12:00am JST.

Here are the times for different zones:

8:00amPacific Time
11:00amEastern Time
4:00pmBritish Time
5:00pmEuropean Time
8:30pmIndian Time
11:00pmPhilippine Time

“One Piece” Chapter 1099 spoiler speculation: What to expect

What actually happened to Kuma when he turned Pacifista may at last be revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 1099. This was confirmed by the doctor in the previous chapter that Bonney will not surpass the age of ten. Nonetheless, she is twelve years old at this time. Moreover, Kuma had fully become a Pacifista and died mentally about two years ago.

Moreover, he willingly became one of the cyborgs. Therefore, it can be deduced that he sacrificed himself to rescue Bonney. This cure might have been known by either Vegapunk or the World Government, or they could have just given Bonney the Age-Age Fruit after two years.

But before that, we will also see the attack on Sorbet Kingdom by a former king who is also the reason why Kuma has been called the “Tyrant”. Additionally, this series would finally bring Luffy and others up against Saturn following a backstory which may wind up in another one or two chapters.

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