‘Dr. Stone’ Season 3 Episode 17: Manga spoilers, release date, where to watch

In the last episode we see the tables turning as the war is not easy to win. Senku and his team realized that Moz is far stronger than they initially expected.

This has led Senku to use his secret weapon as his last resort to win this war. The next episode of “Dr. Stone” Season 3 will not face any delay this week. Also we have got some major spoilers for episode 17.

“Dr. Stone” Season 3 Episode 17: Release date 

“Dr. Stone” Season 3 Episode 17 is all set to be released on November 15, 2023. If you want to watch the latest episodes of “Dr. Stone” then follow the official pages of Crunchyroll or you can use its streaming platform.

“Dr. Stone” Season 3 Episode 17: What to expect next

The upcoming episode of “Dr. Stone” is titled “Joker ” suggesting that it will bring chaos and excitement. It continues from Chapter 129 of the manga.

When Gen arrives and sees Magma he will initially feel relieved. However he will soon realize that it’s not a rescue but an attack. 

To create a sense of seriousness Senku will cleverly employ illusions to deceive the crowd while Nikki handles Magma’s behavior. 

Then Moz enters the scene taking down Nikki, Yo and Kinro. In a storeroom Senku leads the non combatants. Uses Revival Fluid to revive Hyoga. 

With Kinro’s spear in his hands Hyoga gains an advantage. It is at this point that Ibara realizes Senku’s true strength lies in his ability to bring statues back to life.

As the battle escalates Ibara will come to understand that Senku cannot revive the Head of Petrification Kingdom. The dynamics of the situation will shift during this part of their journey. Viewers can look forward to an animation of these events in the episode.

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