Blinkit’s CEO Dhindsa: Kurta Order for German Colleague Sparks Personal Touch

“This is a game-changing moment, delivering so fast,” wrote an X user while reacting to Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa’s reply to a tweet.

A man took to X to share how ordering a kurta from Blinkit and getting it delivered within 10 minutes left him surprised. He added that he ordered the traditional attire for his German colleague who suddenly visited his office. His post captured the attention of many, including Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa.

X user Debarun Talukdar wrote, “My colleague from Germany visited the India office today and was surprised to see everyone wearing traditional (We had our Diwali Puja in the office today). Everyone wanted him to wear Kurta Pyjamas, and to my surprise, Blinkit was delivering in less than 10 mins!!! Amazing!

”He wrapped up his post with three images. One of the images shows a brown paper shopping bag used by Blinkit, and the other picture shows a kurta inside it. The third image is of Talukdar’s foreign colleague wearing that kurta.

What did Albinder Dhindsa say?

While resharing the tweet, the CEO wrote, “Glad we could help.” He then shared about the new line of products added to the app. “We listed Manyavar kurta pyjamas on Blinkit a couple of days back. No reason now to not wear a kurta for office Diwali parties,” Dhindsa added.

Albinder Dhindsa’s reply, since being shared on November 10, has gathered over 1.2 lakh views. The post has further collected more than 600 likes. It has also accumulated tons of comments.

“Man, I love Blinkit so much, I can’t even explain,” posted an X user. “Whoever suggested this deserves a solid raise. What an idea,” shared another. “This is incredible,” joined a third. “Blinkit is such a saviour!

My mother was at the hospital after an operation recently, and we wanted tender coconut water at short notice in 12-15 mins, and it was there!” added a fourth. “This is a game-changing moment, delivering so fast,” wrote a fifth.

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