‘Undead Unluck’ episode 6 review: Battle the zombie UMA

The recent episode of “Undead Unluck” was released on November 10, 2023. This episode was titled “Spoil” and showed the first mission of Andy and Fuuko. They traveled all the way from New York City to Nevada in the U.S.

After being hunted by The Union for the first 4 episodes we see the duo joining The Union. It was Shen who joined them as he was the first Negataor they met as per Andy’s request. Episode 6 marked the beginning of the Spoil Arc similar to the manga chapters 11,12 and some parts of chapter 13.

“Undead Unluck” episode 6: Driving across Nevada

In episode 6 of “Undead Unluck” the story takes us to Nevada, where Andy, Fuuko and Shen are journeying to the town of Longing in a truck. Andy believed that traveling by land was a better option compared to using a helicopter.

The episode starts with a recap of all the events that have taken place up until now. Afterward Andy proposes the idea of heading to Las Vegas. 

Fuuko and Shen intervene and they engage in a discussion about the UMA and reach a realization; they must confront Spoil and its horde of zombies.

When Fuuko and Shen decided to take a break, for the night Fuuko found herself unable to sleep. She then asked Shen about his reasons for accompanying them on their journey and how she could be of assistance. Shen explained that he was keen on witnessing Andy’s determination, especially regarding the steel, in his mind.

What Is UMA and Spoil ?

On August 21st a decaying corpse resembling a zombie suddenly appeared in the heart of New York City. In order to prevent panic the individuals who witnessed this sight had their memories selectively erased. 

This particular zombie was identified as James Smith originating from the town of Longing, in Nevada. A team of investigators was dispatched to Longing in an attempt to unravel the phenomenon. 

Unfortunately they too fell victim to zombification almost immediately. The town itself was effectively cut off from the rest of civilization by a stone bridge and a reinforced metal wall.  

Despite encountering hordes of zombies during their struggle one member of the team named Andy became infected well. However due to his Undead ability he managed to resist zombification. 

Shen explains that UMAs (Unidentified Mysterious Anomalies) differ from Negators in that Negators defy established rules whereas UMAs abide by them – albeit with reaching consequences within their designated areas.

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