‘Rick and Morty’ Team Explains Spaghetti Episode in BTS

'Rick and Morty' Team Explains Spaghetti Episode in BTS

Finally fans are introduced to Rick’s spaghetti in “Rick and Morty” Season 7. The team of the show even gave the details behind the concepts.

We have already seen the “Rick and Morty” show getting their hands on weird and wild concepts. Some of which always go south. 

Some of the episodes like- “The Vat of Acid”. Here Morty gets to know about Rick’s plan that is more troublesome than expected. While Morty only made it worse by digging a deeper hole.

Rick’s Spaghetti Planet: A Disaster

In an episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 7 titled “Thats Amorte” it was revealed that Ricks famous spaghetti dish actually originated from a planet. 

The Smith Family found it incredibly delicious but there was a twist to the recipe. It turned out that when individuals took their lives their insides transformed into this delectable pasta. However as Morty tried to address this situation things took turns. 

Unfortunately none of his attempted solutions improved the circumstances for the inhabitants of the spaghetti planet. In fact they only made matters worse. 

To provide insights into the episode Adult Swim released a, behind the scenes video where the creators discussed every aspect of its production.

“Rick and Morty’s” Spaghetti Episode Explained

Dan Harmon, one of the creators of the TV show “Rick and Morty “, along with Anne Heather Campbell, who wrote the episode called “Spaghetti Western ” and Rob Schrab, the executive producer had a realization that the situation they were dealing with was more intricate than initially anticipated. 

They engaged in a discussion about how pasta could serve as a metaphor for food processing, in general. Interestingly many people are unaware of how pasta is made. And when they do learn about it they often find it quite surprising. This element is portrayed in a captivating manner within that episode.

In spite of the way spaghetti was portrayed negatively in the episode of “Rick and Morty” the analysis by the team was quite amusing revealing that they still have an appreciation for it. This sentiment is likely shared by fans who believe that despite its absurd concept “Rick and Morty” manage to pull it off by skillfully combining different tones to deliver their outrageous jokes.

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