Israel Retaliates To The Lebanon Attacks With Air Strikes In Gaza

Israel Retaliates to the Lebanon Attacks with Air Strikes in Gaza

Israel conducted air attacks against Hamas in Gaza late Thursday, April 6, after pledging vengeance for a volley of cross-border rockets fired from Lebanon, which it blamed on Palestinian organizations.

The Attacks

In a previous statement, the Israeli Army claimed that it had identified 34 rockets fired into Israeli territory from Lebanese territory and that 25 of them had been stopped by Israeli air defenses.

As per NDTV reports, Israeli rescue services reported that a woman was hurt while rushing to a shelter, and a guy had been mildly injured by shrapnel.

In response to the 34 rockets fired into Israel, the Israeli Army conducted air attacks in Lebanon late Thursday. 

The Origin Of Conflict

On the Jewish holiday of Passover, Israel was targeted by 34 missiles, the highest number since Israel and Hezbollah engaged in combat in 2006. The Army attributed the strikes to Palestinian militant organizations. Foreign governments have condemned the rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians and called for restraint.

Following an altercation between Israeli police and Palestinians within the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, violence has erupted again. The UN report also included witness testimony that Israeli police “beat worshippers with batons and used tear gas and sound bombs to force them out of the prayer halls.”

Multiple rockets were launched from Gaza against Israel in response to the clash.

Pakistan vehemently denounced the most recent Israeli assaults on the Al Aqsa mosque. The assaults on women and children constitute a blatant violation of human rights, according to a resolution voted by the National Assembly. It claimed that the assaults had wounded Muslims’ feelings all around the world and urged the international community, including human rights organizations, to speak out against the brutality.


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