‘Boruto Two Blue Vortex’ chapter 4: New spoilers to expect

Fans are waiting for the release of “Boruto Two Blue Vortex” chapter 4. But spoilers have already arrived before the release of the next chapter. In the previous chapter we saw how Boruto overpowered Code and even managed to track his location.

The next chapter of “Boruto Two Blue Vortex” is expected to be released on November 21, 2023. This chapter will reveal Boruto’s true intentions about the Ten-Tails.

“Boruto Two Blue Vortex” chapter 4 spoilers: What to expect

Boruto Uzumaki might be the only focus of Chapter 4 spoilers for “Boruto Two Blue Vortex” since he is now being given a difficult task after having revealed his improved skills in previous chapters.

Maybe this chapter will be about Boruto’s journey to the Ten-Tails’ dimension and how he tries to either kill or weaken it. Probably, to show off his skills acquired during the time skip, Boruto may seek to seal off the Ten-Tails.

Furthermore, fans wonder whether the Ten-tails would be killed in this chapter. Maybe also Kashin Koji, the mysterious Jiraiya clone, will come back and his role in this is what will be explained by chapter four.

Revealing the Mysteries of Boruto and Kashin Koji

Fans are excitedly awaiting an exploration of the relationship between Kashin Koji and the protagonist with hints suggesting a connection to Boruto and a looming catastrophe.  The secrets surrounding Borutos training and any possible interactions during the time skip could finally be revealed.

The anticipated comeback of Sasuke remains a topic of discussion in regards to Chapter 4 spoilers for Boruto; Two Blue Vortex. Fans are eagerly seeking clarity on his whereabouts and fate.

While both Boruto and Sasuke embarked on journeys to become stronger, only Boruto returned after three years. Chapter 4 might bring Sasuke back into the storyline offering needed answers.

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