Check If You Are Going To Receive Social Security Benefits After Government Shutdown

Social Security Benefits After Government Shutdown

If Congress cannot reach an agreement by September 30, when the current fiscal year concludes, and money runs out, a potential federal shutdown could be on the horizon. If you are given payments for Social Security or other federal benefits, you may be wondering how a potential shutdown on October 1 may affect you. Both the Senate and the House are currently working on short-term options to continue funding the government until the deadline of September 30, but officials for both houses have not yet reached an agreement on a strategy.

 Social Security Benefits After Government Shutdown

Social Security Benefits To Be Disbursed Even After Shutdown

If you’re one of the almost 67 million Americans receiving Social Security payments or have registered in various other programs, you’ll continue to receive your monthly checks. Benefits from Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and SSDI are included. Be aware that it can take some time for the SSA to respond if you have any payment problems. If you qualify for those programs, you can anticipate getting your Medicaid or Medicare benefits on time. However, if there is a shutdown, you might have to wait a while to hear back if you have any problems.

Other Benefits Which Won’t Be Disbursed

If the government shuts down, people who get help via the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) may lose it immediately. The White House said it would impact roughly seven million women and children. The forty million people in the United who get SNAP benefits would continue to be allowed to use them, albeit for a shorter period. Families getting SNAP benefits may lose their payments if the federal shutdown continues past October.

Senior adults have been concerned about obtaining federal government payments every month for the 2nd time this year. This spring, while Congress and the Biden administration fought over extending the debt ceiling, the US came dangerously near to not having enough money to pay all of its debts on schedule and in full. Payments from Social Security may have been delayed as a result of that.

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