Editorial Policy


To cover digital currency in its entirety, this includes its investors, influencers, real world applications along with users and buyers.

It is our mission to bring news to a level of which comprehensive understanding is achieved through our unbiased and in depth coverage.

We strive to provide our viewers with the facts faster than any other source in Asia.


Consistency — our journalists are expected to cover stories accurately, providing content that is easily understood while providing a steady flow of information which abides by our journalistic standards.

Fairness — our staff is expected to cover stories in a way of which is fair to all companies and individuals of which we cover, meaning that regardless of personal beliefs or holdings our staff is to never present information in a way which could be misconstrued as biased or unfair in any way.

We hold our journalists to the highest degree of editorial standards, our requirements set forth by our management team reflect our principles of objectivity, truthfulness, impartiality, public accountability and accuracy.

At no time do we allow or tolerate unfounded character assassinations, this includes but is not limited to bullying, abuse and slander.


Each of our journalists are expected to maintain complete transparency, meaning that any investments or holdings falling under the categorization of editorial content in relations to digital currency should be disclosed accordingly.

Each of our writers are required to provide a brief bio along with at least one form of contact information.

At PanAsiaBiz, we believe that all journalists should be held accountable for their work and that they should be easily accessible in the case that there may be any discrepancy in the content provided.