Andrew Tate: ‘Matrix Theft of Identity & Purpose’ – Internet Reacts

'Matrix Theft of Identity & Purpose' - Internet Reacts

Andrew Tate, a controversial American-British influencer is back with another one of his peculiar statements.

This time he has gained significant attention for his video criticising the Matrix has gained widespread popularity on the internet.

He accused the system, which he terms as the Matrix, of stealing the identities of its citizens and leaving them purposeless. X user, @TheRealWorld shared a video on the platform with the caption, “The Matrix has stolen your identity and left you PURPOSELESS.

You must take back what they stole.”The clip was an excerpt from Andrew’s ‘Emergency Meeting’ podcast, in which he declared, “If you’re a full grown man and you wake up, you should feel fire in your blood to conquer the world.”

Additionally, he emphasised, “If you wake up and you don’t feel fire in your blood, it is been suppressed on purpose.”

“Somebody has come along and said something or done something to you that has destroyed your innate, natural, god-giving, masculine quality to want to go out there in the world and do amazing things,” he added.

“They’ve done that to you on purpose and you’ve fallen for it,” said the “Cobra”“You have to find out exactly how they’re getting this crap in your mind and resist it,” concluded the 36-year-old kickboxer.

However, he has been a constant critique of the Matrix, labelling it as manipulative, underscoring his persistent stand on the matter.

Internet Reacts to Andrew Tate’s Comments

Various X users have stepped up to react to the influencer’s opinion. “When you’ve confused testosterone with 10 cups of coffee a day,” commented an X user.“ Bring back to me what you took from me when you and your brother were in prison.

You’re the Matrix. You know what I’m talking about,” added another. Others were actually supportive of the influencer’s comments, adding, “extremely well said.” “This is MEDICINE,” wrote another tagging Andrew himself.

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