How Cardano Aims to Attract Tens of Millions of Users?

How Cardano Aims to Attract Tens of Millions of Users?

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, recently expressed his views on X about the criticisms and misunderstandings that were circling in the ADA community. 

Charles Hoskinson defended the IOG’s strategy and commitment to growth in response to a person’s comment on internal criticisms.

Cardano Founder Promises Growth

Charles Hoskinson mentioned that there are lots of individuals who are actively contributing to the growth of Cardano by introducing innovative ideas and attracting new users. 

He also highlighted that IOG is similar to any company building applications on Cardano and is actively involved in the development of products. 

Hoskinson expressed his confusion regarding the criticism directed towards IOG for its investments in the ADA ecosystem. He emphasized that IOG maintains a policy of transparency by sharing their plans and progress.

The above statement was a response to the rising criticisms over the recent acquisitions and launches by IOG which is perceived with suspicion by the members.

Hoskinson expressed his frustration, with how some people misunderstand IOG’s transparency in their strategies. He specifically mentioned CIP 1694 as an example, which he said some individuals thought was IOG trying to gain control. 

However he strongly denied this and emphasized that the opposite was actually intended. He also talked about the importance of the acquisitions and mentioned that Lace aims to become a leader in the wallet market and attract users from Ethereum and Bitcoin to Cardano. 

So why is it a problem that IOG acquired Nami to develop an user-friendly wallet? He clarified that their use of Midnight is not abandoning Cardano but rather establishing it as a frontrunner, in data privacy.

The Latest Updates

Yesterday a group of developers was given access to the test version of the Midnight protocol on Cardano. Midnight is designed to enable individuals to create applications and contracts while safeguarding user data. 

According to Global (IOG) they have selected the batch of developers for testing Midnight with up to 100 developer teams participating. As part of Cardano’s growth strategy IOG has also made a move by acquiring the used Nami wallet for ADA transactions.

Nami has been a Cardano wallet since its launch over two years ago. The acquisition of Nami by IOG represents a measure aimed at enhancing the range of products and services within the Cardano ecosystem.

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