Video From Prabhas-Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Kalki’s 2898AD’ Shot Leaked Again

Video From Prabhas-Deepika Padukone starrer 'Kalki's 2898AD' Shot Leaked Again

Video from the “Kalki 2898AD” filming leaked once more. It is well known that the gifted filmmaker Nag Ashwin and pan-Indian actor Prabhas collaborated on the mythical science fiction picture Kalki 2898 AD. Deepika Padukone, an actress from Bollywood, plays the film’s female lead. The creators of Kalki 2898AD are stunned by a newly leaked film.

Video Leaked

Fans are perplexed as to how, even when sequences are being shot indoors, videos from such a major motion picture are being leaked from the sets. The creators had issued a dire warning before the release of a video from Kalki “2898 AD.”

The crew had to deal with the unapproved release of on-set stills in September 2023. As previously said, despite being forewarned, another film leaked online and revealed the difficulties the creators encountered in maintaining the privacy of their work. In response to these leaks, Vyjayanthi Movies addressed formal copyright notifications to the individuals in question and worked to identify them.

Is It Overconfidence Or Confidence?

Deepika Padukone and another character artist are featured in the leaked video. A little video was posted online and quickly gained popularity. The creators of Kalki 2898 AD need to figure out how to track down the source of this content leak. There’s a significant problem with high-budget film shoot videos being constantly leaked online.

Cast members Pasupathy, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Disha Patani, and other well-known actors are essential to this high-profile film that Vyjayanthi Movies is producing. Santhosh Narayanan is writing the music for this large-scale project throughout India.

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