Maintain social media consistency with these 5 tips

Maintain social media consistency with these 5 tips

Social media will be a powerful marketing force in 2023. With over 4.9 billion active social media users worldwide, it’s a great way to reach nearly everyone in your primary sales demographic. But because there are so many users (and posts), it’s important to post regularly so you’re not forgotten in the mass of content. Here are five tips to help you stay consistent on social media.

Use social media templates to speed up content creation

The constant content creation is the hardest part of keeping up with social media. It takes time and energy to make all those posts! And time and energy are two things business managers don’t have a lot of. To ease content creation, using social media templates is always a good idea.

There are thousands of free Facebook and Instagram post templates available online. Simply browse the designs, choose the one that best fits your brand, customize the information, and you’re ready to post to your various feeds.

Templates ensure you can maintain professional-level graphics without needing professional-level design skills — or spare time in your schedule. You can easily create several posts to schedule out ahead of time, which brings us to the next tip to maintain social media consistency…

Schedule posts in advance

Just because you want to post to social media every day (or whatever schedule you choose) doesn’t mean you have actually to log in and create a post every single day. Most social platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to schedule posts that automatically upload at the time of your choosing.

This scheduling feature allows you to create and schedule several posts simultaneously. You could schedule an entire week or month of posts in one sitting, meaning you don’t have to make time to think about (or remember) social media content until your scheduled posts run out.  

Dedicate a day for content creation

Of course, even when you schedule posts ahead of time, you still have to remember actually to sit down and schedule them. To help your memory, it’s a good idea to dedicate one day to content creation.

For example, you could say every Monday from 9-10 a.m. is your content creation time. That’s when you customize your templates and schedule all your social posts for the week. Then, you do it all over again when next Monday rolls around.

After a while, your dedicated content creation day will become ingrained in your memory, so you’ll never forget to schedule your social posts again!

Create a posting calendar

Even with a dedicated content creation day, developing ideas for each post is still not easy. That’s where a posting calendar comes in.

With a social post calendar, you can keep track of what kind of posts to upload each day of the week to maintain consistency with your schedule and content, too!

For example, imagine you run a fashion boutique. Every Tuesday, you decide to post something about the latest shoe trends. Wednesdays are for jackets and tops. At the same time, Fridays are for the latest seasonal styles.

Choose a post type for every day of the week — or whatever your posting frequency is. Then, when you sit down to schedule out all your posts, you don’t have to come up with brand-new ideas for every single day. Creating a posting calendar helps remove some of the frustration of coming up with brand-new content ideas, helping you maintain your social media consistency.

Set clear goals

It’s not easy to keep up with anything if you’re not working toward something. Just imagine going to the gym every day without seeing any progress. You’d probably give up pretty quickly!

Social media works the same way. Why put in the effort to post regularly if you’re not seeing any progress? But in this case, it’s up to you to determine what “progress” looks like.

Before you set out on your social media consistency journey, think about what you really want to achieve. Are you looking to grow your followers and increase brand awareness, get more engagement with likes and comments, drive more traffic back to your website, or simply sell more products?

Once you set your social media goals, track your progress with each post or campaign. As your follower count increases or sales increase, you’ll feel a new sense of encouragement to keep up with your various social accounts. You might even be excited to schedule your new posts for the month just because you’re curious to see how much progress you’ll make toward your goal!

Keep up the good work on social media

Millions of posts are uploaded to social media every single day. It’s important to post regularly so you don’t get lost in the torrent of new content. Suppose you want to make it easier to maintain some consistency with your social media posting. In that case, it’s a good idea to start using social templates to speed up content creation, schedule your posts in advance, dedicate a day for content creation, set a posting calendar, and create clear goals.

Your followers can’t forget about your channels when you consistently post high-quality content to your social media channels. Stay top of mind!