Park Bo-Young Takes Part In New Romantic Comedy ‘Melo Movie’

A big news for all the Park Bo-young fans has arrived. It has been confirmed that actress Park Bo-young will star in the upcoming K-drama called ‘Melo Movie.’

This will be a rom-com show that focuses on the lives of young people looking for a partner to share their experiences. They have all faced hardships and now want to have romance in their lives. 

Kim Moo bi and Choi Woo Sik Star in Upcoming Romantic Drama ‘Melo Movie’

Kim Moo bi, portrayed by Park Bo young takes on the role of a supporting actor. Initially working as a director she eventually makes her way into the world of feature film directing. 

Her talent and dedication shine through as she quietly refines her skills following in the footsteps of her father who also had a career in the film industry.

Choi Woo Sik will take on the role of Go Gyeom, the protagonist undergoes a transformation into a film critic. He finds himself caught up in a romantic tale with Kim Moo bi on the movie set. 

This sets the stage for an intertwined love story with destiny playing its part. Lee Na Eun, renowned for her work on the SBS drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ has written the screenplay for ‘Melo Movie.’

Park Bo Young’s Current Projects

In addition to this project Park Bo young is currently starring in the Netflix series ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ which premiered on November 3rd. The series delves into narratives centering around Da Eun, a nurse working in the ward at a hospital.

Shortly after it was released the show called ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ became very popular. Ranked 4th, in the Non English TV category on Netflixs Global Top 10 list. 

It made its way into the Top 10 in 28 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Brazil. This widespread appeal showcases how much people around the world are enjoying it. 

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